JOIN Mothers* rebellion

Becoming part of Mothers* Rebellion is easy. You gather a group, big or small, of other concerned women and allies. Pick a time and place to form your circle and get your message out.

here are some steps to follow: 

  1. Invite a group of mothers and allies of all ages and genders to join you. Groups can be any size (2-200 or more).

  2. Pick a time and a location that works for your group. Your circle may choose a site to disrupt “business as usual”. Another option is to pick a beautiful location to remind us of our deep love for our planet.

  3. Decide what will happen at your circle. Do you want to include music, sound, or movement? A ritual of some kind? A listening circle? A non-violent action? Be creative and prioritize connection between participants. Assign roles to make things go well.

  4. Get the word out. Invite people to join you or create their own circles. 

  5. Register your protest so it will be posted here on the website so other people will be able to see and join. This step is optional.

  6. Make a sign before you join the demonstration or together at the demonstration. It can be a simple, easy to read sign to hold about why you are participating. This could be as simple as the names and ages of the children you care about or use the phrase “What mothers REALLY want is ___________________.”

  7. Photograph and/or film your circle.

  8. Share on social media with the hashtags: #mothersrebellion #climatejustice

  9. Share your photos and videos to Mothers* Rebellion's shared folder or to Mothers* Rebellion's Telegram group. For instructions, see the guide here.

More information and support is available to groups willing or considering taking part! Contact us at



When you want to spread the word about Mothers* Rebellion and invite others to join, feel free to use this template. Use it as it is or add custom information and relevant photos or videos to your message.

Subject line: Join us for a global Mothers* Rebellion for Climate Justice during [dates], 2023


My name is (insert) and I’m from (insert). I would like to invite you and (insert organization) to join us in a global Mothers* Rebellion for Climate Justice during [dates], 2023.

We are mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, daughters, and allies. We know that those least responsible for the climate crises are also the most impacted. We believe in the power of mothers and caretakers to demand climate justice.

Mothers are universal. Throughout history mothers have stood up and fought injustice and now we want to do the same. We believe that mothers have the power to reach out into the hearts, souls, and minds of not only our politicians, but every human on the planet.

Now we want to invite you to take action with us! 

What we propose is the simple concept of “the circle”, a  form of protest that can easily be applied and adjusted depending on where you are. It is a circle of mothers* sitting down together in a public place, facing the passers-by. Through their presence, written messages and music, this method helps the participants and others to connect with their climate emotions. Signs with the names of the participants' children and statements of climate concerns are often included in the circles. The message is that: 

  • We refuse to look away
  • We refuse to give up
  • We will do everything we can

The first Mothers* Rebellion protests were held in Sweden in August, 2022, and since then we have grown quickly. In 2023 alone, we have had three global protests, on the 13th of May, 15, 23rd of September and 17-19th November. In these joint actions, we formed circles, big and small, in 21 countries and in 60+ cities, on six continents. Some women even made solo manifestations.Together we expressed our demand for action towards the goal of an equitable global community living on a thriving Earth.

It is time to take our despair, worry, and love for our children and everyone’s children, and turn it into action. We believe that mothers can make a difference and we hope you will join us!

If you want to learn more, you can find inspiration at: and on Instagram and Facebook.

Please let me know if you have additional questions or want to join in the global conversation through our Signal chat and meetings.

Kind regards,

(insert—note, you may want to also indicate your XR group so that we are communicating connection to XR)

Mothers* Rebellion in (insert country/region) 

Rebel mothers around the world


"The financial system we have does not meet the needs of vulnurable and low-income populations, or the overall challenge of addressing the climate emergency ... Stop the financial colonialism, invest in climate resilience."


"My son is two years old and he is well, for now. But everything is pointing towards a future where our children's lives will be full of problems and disasters due to climate change ... Why is so little done?"


"Africa experiences one of the greatest effects of climate change like droughts and floods, yet it contributes one of the least carbon emissions in the world ... Participating in making the planet a better place for our children really brings me joy."